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From News Apps to Attendance Management, we give your school access to our expert knowledge base, built over nearly 20 years' working across the education sector.


Security is built-in to all our applications. Automated switchover delivers your message to parents on their preferred channel: In-App, SMS, Voice, Email, with audited reporting.

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IAN is your Intelligent Attendance Notification system, delivering the right message to the right parent or family group at the right time.

Emergency Messaging

Be prepared for the unexpected, from weather to lockdowns, with world's best practice Crisis Communication technology tailored for schools.​


World-class attendance management

World-class attendance management

MessageYou with WatchLists gives schools a 360-degree view of student attendance.

Intelligent behaviour monitoring automatically constructs and personalises every message.

Track absence trends

Track abscence trends

WatchLists analytics tracks absence trends and alerts educators to patterns and students at risk.


Free with every MGM Application

Free with every MGM application

Use SchoolStar app for school community news and two-way and group messaging, with OutReach message management, for connected communities.



Content management for streamlined communication across SchoolStar app and the whole MGM school applications family.


Rollmarking excellence

Rollmarking excellence

In the field or in the classroom, RollMarker empowers teachers to manage and track attendance on any internet connected device.
Syncs with your school database to keep timetables current.
Student Kiosk empowers students to log their own late or early arrivals and departures.

MGM Wireless Software Suite Licence Agreement

Use of MGM Wireless school messaging solutions is governed by a licence agreement

Messaging Workshops

MGM School Engagement Specialists offer no-obligation workshops, in person or online, to discuss and demonstrate the transformative value of best-practice messaging.
When parents are kept informed, educators are freed to focus on teaching.
Every message we send to our community is an opportunity. Getting it right is vital to building a strong school brand.
In today’s connected world, parents are ready and willing to engage in the school community.
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