MessageYou & Watchlists

Staff will never need to spend countless hours on attendance calls or manually sending and processing mobile messages again. Plus with detailed reports and message logs your attendance notifications are secure and accurate.

Best Practice Attendance Management

MessageYou forms the starting point of your best practice attendance management. It performs the critical parent communication process. MessageYou fully integrates with MGM’s WatchLists attendance reports for data driven attendance analytics and leadership awareness.

Student Safety & Welfare

If a student doesn’t arrive at school when expected, their safety may be at risk. They may also miss important learning opportunities. Rapid and reliable notification to parents or internal leaders (for period marking) of unexplained absences is critical. This provides a high level of care, compliance and risk reduction for your school and ensures the safety and wellbeing of your students.

Artificial Intelligence

MessageYou uses artificial intelligence together with real-time monitoring of your attendance data. MessageYou will match and automate a personal message based on the specific attendance criteria for each student and absence type.

For example, for a student who is rarely absent, a friendly and gentle reminder message will be sent, but for repeat behaviour, a personalised message for the parent to meet with a school leader could be initiated.

For boarders or a class absence after lunch? MessageYou can notify staff to check why a student is on campus but not attending their scheduled lesson.

Unlimited Absence Notification Types

MessageYou’s artificial intelligence is easily configurable to automatically to send a notification for any type of absence notifications such as:

  • Whole Day, Morning, Afternoon
  • Class (period) absence
  • Unexplained late or early departure
  • 3 days consecutive late
  • 7 day no parent reply follow-up; and much more

Improve Your School Funding & Audits

MessageYou dramatically reduces time staff spend calling parents about attendance matters and ensures an accurate conversation log between the school and parent.

Use the School Star App

MessageYou can be integrated with School Star enabling consistency in parent communication for both attendance, news and event communication. School Star also enables mobile messaging with automatic switchover to SMS (for those parents without the School Star App, no mobile data, Wi-Fi or when an In-App message has not been read) ensuring essential attendance messages reach 100% of your parents.

MessageYou reliably and securely communicates to all parents and provides message confirmation receipts to verify your attendance notifications have been sent, delivered and read by parents.

Discover the root causes of your student’s absences

Using artificial intelligence WatchLists performs extensive analysis automatically for you, providing a range of alerts and tailored reports to enable school staff to dig deeper and see why students are absent so that they can take action at the root of the problem.

Improving attendance

Let data inform your attendance strategies with WatchLists reports.

Compare your attendance and related communication history over any 2 time periods. Get the data you need to improve and refine your strategies. See your improvement in total absences, unexplained absences and the reasons why. Essential for effectively supporting School Leadership.

Reports Include:

Students at Risk Report

  • Shows the students who have had 3 or more unexplained absences over a selected period

Student Monitoring Report

  • Select specific students who you wish to monitor for late or absent.
    Also shows messages sent to the contact for the student.

Un-contactable Parents report

  • Shows you the details of the parents who were not contactable when a message was sent.

Un-responsive Parents report

  • Shows you the parents who have been sent automated messages and not replied

Absence Analysis

  • Shows the improvement in total absences and unexplained absences for two comparative periods


On a field trip, bus, school oval or overseas learning tour, RollMarker allows staff to securely mark attendance from anywhere using any internet enabled device.

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School Star App

Innovative, connected and secure communication is at the forefront of the School Star App. It provides secure and private communication for all your school news, newsletters, absence notifications, 2-way personal or group messaging and useful links.

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School Star App


Outreach+ makes it easy to manage all your school communication and engage parents using one simple system. With OutReach+, you can reach parents in the way they want to receive messages. Send school notifications via text, email, voice, social media, and push notifications - and do so quickly and easily from our intuitive interface.

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