Modbury High School is an Adelaide based school, focused on providing a meaningful education and helping students reach their full potential. After their Year 12 Valedictory Assembly on Friday 23 October, it is easy to say that they are succeeding.

The Valedictory Assembly recognised the achievements of their hard-working Class of 2020 and provided a formal farewell that showcases the young adults they have become. It is also the last time the Year 12 cohort will be together at the Modbury High School site.

MGM Wireless sponsored the major award – Vox Populi (Student Voice) Award. This prestigious award was presented to a student for services to the school community through active involvement with the Student Voice.

MGM Wireless Sponsorship Award

Not only do we support Modbury High as a major sponsor, but they support us by using our full software suite.

Modbury High has been a long-term client of ours since 2003, making the switch to Outreach+ 5 years ago. To put it in perspective, our communication software has been around at Modbury High longer than the year 12 graduates!

At MGM Wireless, we feel especially grateful that our communications software can support a local, Adelaide based school. Modbury High School sends out an average of 100,000 messages a year to their students, parents and caregivers. As a result, they have established a well-connected schooling community.

As a major sponsor of Modbury High School, we are thrilled for the Class of 2020. Congratulations to the Year 12 cohort on a working through a particularly challenging year with a newfound sense of determination. Go forth and conquer!  

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