Online Learning:

The struggles and solutions

So we are here, perhaps the moment we have been planning for and somewhat dreading since COVID-19 hit Australia – for the first time in Australian history primary and secondary schools are shifting predominantly online. The modern adaptable technology in learning management systems will facilitate the switch-over from classroom to living room which is a relief. However without careful and considered communication this process will present significant hurdles, those challenges are broken down below:

WIFI: So your students are positioned at home in their bedroom or living room, the power is on and the laptop is running. You have chosen to email your students a PDF featuring questions for the class and yet only half the class has received it and you are wondering why. The answer is internet bandwidth problems, internet is being drained in neighbourhood homes and its causing connectivity issues lasting hours in some cases. Learning time is too precious to waste while some students cant load or receive content and the solution is simple – SMS. A 2018 study conducted by Compuware, Forbes and IDC concluded that only 20% of emails get opened by the person receiving it while 98% of SMS get read within the first 3 minutes. Using SMS through MGM OutReach+ will help keep your students engaged and just as importantly the parents will be happy.

Engaging Parents: This period of external learning and isolation presents a new endeavour for an age old goal. How can school’s and teachers engage both parents and students? it will require a thoughtful balance of quality communication and assistance. Teachers and parents will have to work hand in hand over this time to ensure students get the same education at home that they would have on campus. Parents will for the first time truly witness how their child interacts with their teachers in a learning environment. School’s who make a proactive effort to engage with parents will not only see an improved level of communication but it also helps to establish your school as a agile and adaptive. There is no better way to engage with parents than personalised SMS using MGM Wireless integrated Artificial Intelligence technology which helps you write tailored messages at the press of a button. The organic benefit of personalised communication with the efficiency of a Artificial Intelligence – that is the MGM advantage.

Engaging Students: We touched on this when discussing WIFI issues although engaging students is a larger fundamental issue. Despite their best attempts parents cant be full time supervisors and making sure your students are watching class videos instead of surfing YouTube is critical. Recreating the accountability of the school environment is paramount to maintaining student involvement. MGM’s WatchLists is a high level product which analyses student attendance data and develops reports to be sent back to school leader. At a time when disengaged students could easily slip through the cracks MGMs WatchLists helps to keep students focused and engaged while keeping school leaders informed.

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